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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement Measurement

Walk into your local bookstore and there’s no shortage of advice for leaders and managers. Amazon offers 7,000 books about culture, 2,000 books on leadership, and more than 134 books specifically devoted to employee engagement. A Google search for books containing the term “employee engagement” returns 93,000 results. Meanwhile, the total volume of Google searches for employee engagement has risen more than threefold over the past 14 years.

The landscape for employee engagement measurement offers an overwhelming volume of content, is changing rapidly, and can make it difficult to compare one solution to another. That’s why we’ve written this guide – to help you make sense of the market and quickly identify what’s important for your team’s performance.


Section 1 :  Why Employee Engagement Matters

Section 2 :  What is Employee Engagement

Section 3 :  How to Measure Engagement