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How to develop an artificial intelligence business strategy


Imagine your office commute powered by an AI assistant that predicts the traffic on all different routes, orders your breakfast waffles to go and even preps your favourite latte- all before you even wake up. That sounds like a dream strategy right?
Well, almost. Except it misses a few details here and there. Just a strategy with a sprinkle of AI is easy talk. But what about the core idea that makes it a business’s superstar?
Integration of AI powered solutions and machine learning applications into Business strategies is the new age secret weapon for businesses, and building a winning AI strategy is what the race is all about.

How to Develop an Artificial Intelligence Business Strategy

But why is there such a struggle to scale AI initiatives?
The answer is simple, most businesses find themselves stuck in a “Roomba” phase — only automating simple tasks but unable to transform businesses.
This is because AI-driven automation is only the roadmap, not a treasure chest to success. It just adds to the process of effort that works as well as your systems do. The focus on intentionality is what matters more than getting your hands on the first AI chatbot you find.

So, how do you plot your own AI adventure?

  1.  Diagnose the disease:
    Before launching AI powered everything into your systems, you have to identify what your end biz-goals are. Is it customer enquiries? Or is product development becoming a pain? Your AI solutions need to address a specific need and not just become a generic bodyguard to failing processes.
  2. Take the test flight:
    Do young inexperienced pilots dive straight into the cockpit for 14 hour flights? Obviously not. This is where simulation comes into play. Similarly in business, deploying a pilot chatbot to assess its automation or analyses techniques with respect to your existing systems can show you the ropes and build confidence before you tackle big Generative AI.
  1. Brace for a rocky-road:
    Compare Explainable AI to the Ikea version of an automated solution. It isn’t readymade. Preparation for hiccups in data, algorithms and maybe even robot rebellion is necessary. Cognitive computing needs flexibility, and training your team right will upskill them to a better equipped data-driven future. 

Creating an integrated AI business strategy isn’t as easy as a piece of cake. It is more like baking a cake from scratch, as in, building a long standing collaboration with a powerful force of automation. It’s time to embrace the cyborg revolution and make your business efficient enough to partner Data analytics with AI better for the future. To know more hidden insights about business strategies, subscribe to our newsletter and make yourself better equipped for tomorrow!