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Second Annual International Branch Banking Employee Survey

In 2019, as Reflexis (now a Zebra company) was beginning to expand its banking vertical into Europe, we wanted to deepen our understanding of any differences between the issues and challenges in North America and those in Europe.

To accomplish that, we developed our First Annual International Branch Banking Employee Survey. Now, as our banking business continues to grow, we want to understand how COVID-19 has changed the branch banking landscape in North America, Europe, and Mexico.

So, with the help of SurveyMonkey, so we have now fielded our second annual branch banking survey. The pandemic has challenged many of our new banking clients with its impact on branch visits and spiking digital adoption.

As we continue to work with them, we hear about many of the issues they face, which we wanted to dig into and get more data on. To know more about this, download the Whitepaper below.