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Launching Recognition at Lightspeed

Employee recognition programs offer employers the opportunity to acknowledge their employees for a job well done, and many leading companies have benefited from incorporating them into their company cultures, including Pfizer.

After creating a brand-new vaccine in record time, leaders at Pfizer knew that if they wanted employees to continue innovating at the same level, they needed to make sure all 79,000 people felt valued and rewarded for their hard work. Since the company’s in-house recognition program could not be implemented everywhere at once – leaving some employees feeling less supported than others – Pfizer chose to partner with Workhuman Ò to produce BRAVO, an impactful Social Recognition Ò program that connected everyone around the globe.

Check out the Pfizer case study to learn:

1. How Pfizer applied their vaccine-development philosophy ( ight speed) to their new employee recognition program

2. How Social Recognition and Inclusion Advisor helped shape the culture of recognition at Pfizer

3. How the BRAVO program served as a cultural reset and the results from its first six months