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12 data-driven pricing and monetization strategies for b2b

As people consume more and more subscription services in their daily lives, they are more open to (if not expecting) similar models from their business partners. When a product or technology gains transaction in the home, it’s a sure bet that sooner or later it will expand its reach.

In other words, the Subscription Economy is everywhere from B2C to B2B. And the numbers prove the point: according to the Subscription Economy Index (SEI), in the past eight years, subscription businesses have grown 400% .

Though not every B2B company is ripe for a transition to subscriptions, there are definitely more that are than aren’t. Making the shift to services requires you to look at your B2B business with fresh eyes. To help, we’re going to take a deep dive into 12 data-driven practices you’ll want to keep in mind as you assess your company’s viability in the Subscription Economy.

Six practices that can be adapted from the B2C world (“borrowed” from those companies whose DNA is in selling direct to consumers), and six practices that pose new opportunities specifically for B2B companies.