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The 7th Annual - State of Marketing Report

This year’s State of Marketing report, now in its seventh edition, is our largest-ever pulse check on global marketing trends, with insights from more than 8,200 respondents across 37 countries. Representative of marketing roles from the event marketer to the CMO, this survey taps into what has inspired and challenged marketers over the past year, and what they’re expecting in the times ahead.

In our 7th State of Marketing report, uncover the trends and insights from over 8,200+ leading marketers worldwide, so you can strengthen your strategy and career in the year ahead.

In the full report, learn why:

– 66% of marketers expect revenue growth this year and beyond.

– 90% of marketers say 2020 upped digital engagement.

– 75% of marketers now work and collaborate from anywhere.

– Marketers expect a 40% increase in data sources by next year.

– 70% of CMOs are redefining success to match company goals.