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Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery

If you’re like most businesses, the volume of data you collect, create, and store is growing exponentially: the world’s data is expected to nearly triple between 2020 and 2025. Making sure you have room to store it all while keeping it secure and accessible to the applications and staff that need it is creating challenges you might be facing in your organization. These challenges include dwindling storage capacity, keeping up with IP patches, and outdated recovery plans and systems.

AWS understands how important it is that your business can meet these challenges and position your company for growth and success. It’s important to establish best practices for storing, backing up, securing, and recovering data. The cloud enables you to accomplish all this while lowering costs, streamlining operations, and enhancing business agility.

This eBook is intended to help decision-makers in small and medium-sized businesses determine whether they can benefit by using cloud services to store and protect their growing repository of data.

You’ll learn:

–  What a cloud storage service is and the benefits it provides your business

–  How to compare the cost and effort of managing and scaling on-premises data storage solutions vs. using the cloud

–  How to evaluate whether your business is ready for cloud storage

–  How to get started with Amazon Web Services (AWS)