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Global Digital Transformation Benefits Report

The world is heading toward a digitized future. Already, an entire generation has grown up immersed in the digital world. Digital transformation — or the widespread adoption of digital technologies to disrupt business models, create efficiencies, and enhance customer experience — is reinventing core aspects of human existence, from homes to industry, buildings to cloud, and beyond. The digital transformation of energy management and automation lies at the core of this journey, enabling the emergence of a new landscape of energy, a paradigm shift for the industry, and a revolutionized experience. 

Unquestionably, there is an urgent need to transform the way the world uses its resources, among which energy is central. Despite the threat of global climate change, the world is growing more resource hungry by the year. Digital transformation is key to resolving this paradox. If we focus on energy, cumulative energy savings in buildings alone as a result of digitization could save 65 petawatt hours by 2040 — equivalent to the total final energy consumed by non-Organization for Economic Coordination and Development countries (including China and India) in 2015.

By expanding digital transformation across buildings, data centers, industry, and infrastructure, we can together create a more efficient, reliable, safe, and sustainable world.