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VMware to Nutanix Migration Guide

Many VMware customers are concerned that Broadcom may delay current VMware roadmaps, discontinue products, and increase prices. Technical leaders must carefully consider how the acquisition is likely to impact VMware support, pricing, and innovation and adjust their existing VMware deployments and future technology plans accordingly.

Nutanix offers VMware customers a range of migration strategies to mitigate Broadcom risks and ensure the continuity of operations. The most conservative strategies shift existing VMware operations to vSphere running on the Nutanix Cloud Platform, minimizing operational changes while ensuring that a rapid migration to the Nutanix AHV hypervisor can be executed should it become necessary.

More aggressive migration strategies proactively migrate some or all workloads from existing VMware technologies to corresponding Nutanix technologies to ensure those workloads continue to operate with the highest level of performance, reliability, and support.