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Get the full cloud experience for your VMware workloads with Rackspace SDDC Flex

Rackspace SDDC Flex delivers greater agility for your VMware® workloads. If you are heavily invested in VMware and have no wish to change technologies, but you want consumption-based costs and flexibility, then look no further than Rackspace SDDC Flex.

However, if a transition to cloud-native is part of your overall business strategy and you are concerned about the associated risks, then Rackspace SDDC Flex also offers you a route to mitigate those risks.

Why Rackspace Technology for your VMware Cloud?

– We have the largest global VMware MSP footprint

– Our deep strategic alliance with VMware over a 15-year partnership

– Our jointly developed Center of Excellence with 250+ VMware certifications

– We’re a top-five VMware service provider (out of 4,500+)

– Our broad VMware portfolio expertise, from virtualisation to cloud