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Counteracting today’s cyberthreats requires a 360‐degree view of the tactics and tools used by threat actors. Generating this intelligence and identifying the most effective countermeasures requires constant dedication and high levels of expertise.

Threat intelligence involves the collection of vast volumes of raw data about current or potential threats to an organization, which is then refined using a combination of machine‐learning algorithms and human expertise to produce actionable insights. Security operations centers (SOCs) can use such insights to increase their threat detection, investigation and hunting capabilities to prevent future cyberattacks.

While many organizations utilize cybersecurity solutions like endpoint protection platforms (EPP), around 10% of cyber threats – including new, unknown and evasive threats such as many types of ransomware – are capable of bypassing these defenses.

Search and Rescue (SAR) operations are made difficult due to severe terrain and weather conditions, especially with unreliable or non-existent communications. Intel, alongside SAR experts and key technology partners, have created a solution which, could prove to be critical when hours, or minutes, can make a difference.

In finance professionals’ jobs, new technology can make all the difference. With automation technology, you can streamline your invoice approvals to experience endless benefits. Discover what your invoice reviews and approvals can look like with an automated account payable process.

As a finance professional, you know all too well how fundamental your tasks and obligations are to your organization’s overall success. When you’re stuck performing those critical processes manually, you run into serious slow downs that prevent you from seeing the bigger picture in your role.

Enterprise finance is constantly evolving, sometimes in radical ways as technology is introduced. New innovations demand swift changes in how finance departments operate in order to keep up with the growing needs of businesses.