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Research shows that growing, developing, and retaining your workforce has a direct, positive impact not only on corporate culture, but also the bottom line. Creating a culture of recognition, value, and positivity can help protect a company’s greatest asset: human capital. Keep reading to learn why social recognition is not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity in today’s dynamic workplace.

Most US full-time workers worked in person prior to COVID, regardless of their company size. 89% worked full- time in person (three or more days) before COVID. Now, the work environment is quite different, with small and mid-sized businesses increasingly shifting to a hybrid or remote work model. Having a hybrid or full-time remote work arrangement jumped from 11% pre-COVID to 39% during COVID, and that shift seems unlikely to change any time soon.

83% of insurance CEOs say they are “concerned” about the speed of technological change in the marketplace. This need for speed within the insurance market is creating a need for an “insurance as a platform” model in order to integrate systems and partners. An integration platform will be the key to delighting customers, launching new and richer products, partnering with third parties such as insurtech, and ultimately growing revenue.

Discover how to stay ahead of consumer sentiment, market trends, and brand loyalties with industry and brand tracking that is 100% proprietary. Get the guide and learn how investment firms, financial service providers, and portfolio managers are enriching their datasets with survey research to uncover insights about the industries and brands in their portfolios.

At the heart of successful FinTech is innovation, which continues marching forward and introducing new and exciting ways to meet consumers’ evolving needs and preferences. From contactless and mobile payments (more widely adopted due to the COVID-19 pandemic) to solutions that help underserved communities, staying at the forefront of innovation is paramount. If you’re ready to learn more about how market research solutions can help you anticipate customer needs and adapt in a dynamic market, Momentive Market Research Solutions are here to help.

Most legacy backup solutions in the market today aren’t very good. Challenges include IT admin’s lack of the time, resources, and energy to proactively tackle real business challenges. The frustration is real! You’re not alone. IT pros around the globe feel your pain! This quick read is designed to help you understand the most common reasons other organizations have switched their primary backup solution and why now is the best time to make this switch.

The benefits of digital engagement have never been more clear. With a strong cloud digital engagement platform, you can operate under nearly any circumstances. Your customers enjoy shorter wait times and better, more consistent experiences. And your agents are freed from many mundane tasks. With the right strategy in place, you can evolve digital engagement rapidly.