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New Finance Chief Steers Spotify Towards Profitability



In a new development, Spotify – the infamous music streaming platform has named Christian Luiga as its Chief Financial Officer. As the ex-CFO and deputy CEO of Swedish defense company, Saab, Mr. Luiga will assume his responsibility at Spotify in the third quarter of the Financial Year 2024 to oversee finance-related matters for the firm.

Spotify’s latest strategic hire demonstrates their strong dedication to achieving sustained profitability, after enjoying years of rapid expansion, innovation, and redefining the industry. Luiga boasts a wealth of financial leadership experience spanning several sectors which places him in an ideal position to align Spotify’s monetary objectives with its lofty global streaming aspirations.

As Paul Vogel, the previous finance head of Spotify, departs after successfully implementing crucial cost-cutting initiatives that involved three layoffs in 2023 resulting in about 2,300 affected employees; Ben Kung will continue to maintain financial discipline as the company’s interim CFO until Luiga takes over. As he enters the Chief Financial Officer’s office, it marks a new era for one with exceptional experience and skill like him.

Spotify’s co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek declared, “Christian is an exemplary finance maestro whose remarkable credentials resonate with our business pursuits of achieving a soundly profitable model. His disciplined methodology, coupled with his strategic foresight, lays the foundation for us to achieve pitch-perfect success on our journey towards sustainable profitability.”


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