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Digicel Group Poaches Leopoldo Gutierrez to Serve as its New CFO to Boost Growth and Streamline Expenses 


On Monday, Digicel Group, a well renowned international telecommunications company, revealed the new Group CFO, Leopoldo Gutierrez. Gutierrez, with over twenty years of expertise in global financial operations, will commence his new position on May 1st, 2024, and will be domiciled in Kingston, Jamaica. 

Gutierrez came to Digicel from Latin American operator Tigo, where he held a range of senior finance roles over 15 years, most recently as VP Finance Operations in Miami, Florida. Before that, he was the CFO of Tigo in Colombia for seven years. His profundity in dealing with complexity, facilitating change, capturing growth possibilities, and optimizing costs positions him as a great asset to the leadership team of Digicel. 

In a successful finance career that included key finance posts in various industries such as telecommunications, aviation and consumer goods, Gutierrez’s holistic cross-industry financial expertise is just what Digicel needs to steer its financial strategies to a higher level and direct the company to a new age of growth and leadership in the industry. 

Remarking on the appointment, Gutierrez expressed his admiration for Digicel’s dedication in connecting the unconnected and investing in communities and countries. “Digicel has an amazing track record of connecting the unconnected and impact investing to benefit customers, communities and countries. I am proud to join a team that is laser focused on driving opportunities for all,” he said. 

Welcoming Eduardo Gutierrez to the team, Digicel Group Chairman Rajeev Suri underlined the strength of the company’s leadership with the appointment of Marcelo Cataldo as the Group CEO, and the achievements of the Group COO, Maarten Boute. “With the addition of Leopoldo, we’ve got some impressive bench strength at the top of our C-suite in the shape of our new Group CEO, Marcelo Cataldo, and our existing Group COO, Maarten Boute. I have every confidence in this team’s ability to spearhead our next growth phase and to continue to ensure that our customers and our communities reap the rewards of a connected society,” Suri said.  

With his worldwide experience in El Salvador, Colombia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Gutierrez’s approach should bring a new approach to Digicel’s financial strategies. The fact that he has a degree in Business and Economics from the Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios in San Salvador and an MBA from Mc Gill University located in Montreal, is a good indicator that he is very much qualified for this position. 

While Digicel Group is strengthening its presence and influence around the world, the appointment of Leopoldo Gutierrez as Group Chief Financial Officer is a proof of the company’s will to form a world-class leadership team capable of inspiring innovation, growth, and value for all stakeholders. With Gutierrez as a financial leader, Digicel is well-placed to face the challenges and take the opportunities this industry brings while staying true to its mission of connecting communities. 


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