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iPipeline Appoints Adam Boone as New CFO, boosting Financial Strategy


iPipeline, a leading digital solutions provider for life insurance and wealth management industries, has been strengthening its leadership team and the organization’s latest move is the appointment of Adam Boone as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer. With a great knowledge in financial management, strategic projects and business enlargement, Boone is the right man for this task, therefore, iPipeline will continue growing and succeeding in a financial services industry, which is changing very fast.

Having spent more than 17 years in corporate finance Boone has established a successful story of creating and directing international finance departments, developing and managing top performing teams, and driving strategic growth programs. The latest role he played was with an OLX Group/ Naspers Limited, one of the global technology investors, where he not only scaled but also drove the growth of financial planning and analysis (FPA) function as its operations expanded to over 40 countries and generated more than $1 billion (about $3 per person in the US) in revenue annually.

Boone will direct all of iPipeline’s international financial activities under the new position, from strategic vision development to plan inclusions for the company’s global expansion. He will head up the global financial team and contribute to the strategic financial implementation of the company, drawing on his competencies in the field of data-driven decision making and digital transformation.

We could not be more pleased to welcome such an accomplished financial executive to the iPipeline team,” said Pat O’Donnell, CEO of iPipeline. “Adam brings a wealth of corporate finance, strategy, FP&A, and investor relations expertise to our organization, and will play a critical role in our continued global growth. Adam is a proven leader with a strong vision for growth and is just as passionate as we are about using data-driven, digital technology to automate and streamline the insurance and financial services industries.

Daphne Thomas, COO at iPipeline, echoed O’Donnell’s sentiment, stating, “Adam could not be better suited to lead our financial team through this next phase of growth. He is a big picture thinker and has a keen understanding of what it takes to sustain growth at leading technology companies. He will play a crucial role in iPipeline’s mission to help the life insurance and financial services industries in North America, and life insurance and pensions industries in the UK, to tap into the full potential of partnership with iPipeline to drive data-empowered digital strategies through innovative technology to accelerate transformative efficiencies throughout the entire value chain.

The decision to appoint Boone now by iPipeline demonstrates that they are keen on keeping up with the continuous growth of the company in the digitalization space of the insurance and financial services industries. Boone with all his rich managerial experience which comprises of financial management, strategic planning, and operational scaling, is sure to play a major role in iPipeline’s growth plans and steer it towards the top tier of the industry that provides innovation-based solutions.

As the financial services industry transforms, adoption of digital innovation and leveraging data analytics has become a must for firms that need to remain competitive and serve top-notch clients’ experiences. Adam Boone’s leadership in the financial department of iPipeline allows positioning the company as a healthcare solution that benefits from economic environment’s dynamism by developing strategic partnerships and enabling clients to completely use digital technology.


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