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Backbase Deftly Bolsters Leadership Team with Seasoned Finance Executive Rodrigo Graca Moura as New CFO


Rodrigo Graca Moura has been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer of Backbase with effect from April 2024. As a highly skilled enterprise software professional with over two decades worth of experience in scaling companies, he brings invaluable financial acumen and business partnership prowess to his role at this pioneering force behind the innovative Engagement Banking Platform.

Graca Moura, in his pivotal role as a leader, will assume the responsibility of supervising Backbase’s financial strategy and operations. As the company is set to undergo an accelerated growth phase, he must ensure its fiscal well-being. His primary objectives will encompass cultivating a strong financial infrastructure with precision and employing careful capital allocation coupled with strategic initiatives that yield lasting profitability while maximizing shareholder value for sustained prosperity.

“Rodrigo’s appointment underscores our steadfast commitment to operational excellence and visionary leadership at Backbase,” stated Jouk Pleiter, CEO & Founder of Backbase. “His proven ability to foster strong business partnerships and consistently propel financial performance will be invaluable as we continue to decisively disrupt the banking industry and dynamically redefine the art of customer engagement.”

Graca Moura had significant expertise in finance, risk management and strategy before joining Backbase. He held pivotal roles at Fortune 500 corporations and high-growth venture capital/private equity-backed firms. His most recent executive role was with global RiskOps company Feedzai where he led the implementation of an ambitious 5-year strategic growth plan which involved a complete revamp of their business model to align with cloud-based operations resulting ultimately in successful funding round.

Graca Moura’s impeccable career has been characterized by his exceptional leadership skills and unwavering commitment to driving financial performance. By skillfully cultivating partnerships across various business domains, he has accelerated growth trajectories while adeptly orchestrating strategic mergers and acquisitions that have delivered significant returns for stakeholders.

“Backbase is at the forefront of innovation, boldly pushing boundaries and expertly setting trends in the realm of engagement banking,” Graca Moura remarked. “I’m confident that by joining this dynamic company, which places entrepreneurship and collaboration at the core of its culture, we can deftly pen a new chapter in its already impressive growth story.”

Extensive recognition has been given to their Engagement Banking Platform for its capacity to equip financial establishments with the seamless provision of personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints. The platform effectively utilizes state-of-the-art technologies like cloud computing and advanced data analytics, enabling banks to anticipate customers’ needs proactively while delivering tailored solutions accurately. Thanks to its innovative solutions and strong leadership team, the firm is in a strategic position that can help it leverage this burgeoning opportunity in the market space thereby establishing itself as a leading player across the industry domain.

The firm is commencing a thrilling new chapter, and the appointment of Rodrigo Graca Moura as Chief Financial Officer reflects our strategic approach towards sustainable expansion, fiscal prudence, and an unyielding pledge to providing unparalleled worth for both customers and stakeholders.


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