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How DevonWay Retains Their Valued Employees Across the World

Using a global employment platform to keep teams whole.

When a company needs to meet the demands of industry leaders in different sectors and countries, having the right employees is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. So, when DevonWay was tasked with relocating a valued employee from the U.S. to the UAE, a country where DevonWay did not have an entity, they had to find a cost- effective, efficient solution.

“Globalization Partners helps us meet ever-changing tax laws and regulations internationally. I have confidence that employment-related requirements are being taken care of by experts. It has been very cost effective for us and has saved DevonWay a lot of time,” said Laurel Timothy, Director of Finance & Human Resources at DevonWay.

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–  How Globalization Partners makes international relocation easy and efficient.

–  How to expand globally without placing an additional burden on your company.

–  The importance of the combined strengths of a Professional Employer Organization and a global employment platform.