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Industry Report: A Year in Proactive Cybersecurity, 2021|2022

2021 was a record-breaking year for cybersecurity. CybelAngel has identified four specific digital risks with unique growth in 2021 that fueled a rise in cyberattacks aiming to interrupt business operations.

After analyzing cyber incident data from 25 companies representing five industries, we have identified four digital risks that saw unique growth in 2021 and have an increased capacity to interrupt business operations.

These specific risks are:

1. Source code data leaks

2. Cloud storage exposures

3. Vulnerable shadow assets

4. Exposed credentials

Download this report to learn:

–  The most notable digital risk trends CybelAngel saw in 2021

–  Incident trends across multiple industries including manufacturing, retail, pharma, and more

–  How CISOs are applying a proactive approach to identifying and remediating external digital risks before they cause business damage