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A Guide to Managing Security Risks and Protecting Workloads in AWS

Organizations are moving workloads and applications to public cloud platforms to facilitate faster product delivery, data-driven customer experiences, business innovation, and digital transformation, to name just a few of the cloud’s myriad benefits. Because of the cloud’s speed and flexibility in empowering richer experiences for customers and employees, organizations need a comprehensive, in-depth approach to cybersecurity that is agile enough to keep up with the versatility, speed, and scalability of the cloud.

ESG research shows that strengthening cybersecurity tools and processes is the top IT initiative in 2022, followed by the use of public cloud for applications and infrastructure.1 The reality that cybersecurity and public cloud are so tightly linked should come as no surprise to anyone, let alone business leaders, IT teams, and chief information security officers (CISOs). They are living on the front lines every day and are well aware of the risks a successful cybersecurity attack can pose to any organization in today’s environment.