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CX Trends 2022: Industry Insights

We’ll provide you with in-depth, actionable insights into how you can succeed and transform your business to drive real, measurable results. Also you can download the full CX Trends report and start driving bottom line growth today.

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Delivering exceptional customer service can mean the difference between standing out or falling behind, but Enterprise organisations have to move quickly to avoid common traps that may derail their growth plans.

Our 2022 CX Trends report gathered market insights relevant to Enterprise business in Europe. These findings are guided by survey of consumers, agents, customer service and business leaders from 21 countries around the world and global benchmark data from 97,500 participating Zendesk customers.

In 2021, service teams met the disruption of the pandemic. As they look forward, their next challenge is to transform into an engine for growth. Discover which are the main traps that derail growth.