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How сan Threat Intelligence Be Tailored to Your Organization?

Threat intelligence involves the collection of vast volumes of raw data about current or potential threats to an organization, which is then refined using a combination of machine‐learning algorithms and human expertise to produce actionable insights. Security operations centers (SOCs) can use such insights to increase their threat detection, investigation and hunting capabilities to prevent future cyberattacks.

However, if threat intelligence feeds are not well managed, or the threat intelligence is low quality, such “insights” can actually hamper SOCs, bogging them down in irrelevant data. Already stretched security resources are strained further, and the net outcome for organizations is negative.

Let’s take a detailed look at what happens when threat intelligence is not tailored to an organization’s needs. After that, we’ll consider what good quality, tailored threat intelligence looks like. Analyzing both sides will help us understand the true value of tailored threat intelligence for organizational security.

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